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JMA Kitchen Renovations Berwick can help clients maximise the potential of their laundry room, even if the area is to store a washing machine and tumble dryer. Our design team will ensure that the space is well organised, with plenty of storage space. A popular option for laundry rooms is the French style, where bi-fold doors and pocket doors lessen the area used by significant appliances. Homeowners who want to make their laundry rooms look more attractive with plenty of storage space for other laundry essentials can take advantage of this design.

A laundry room storage area can store other frequently used cleaning items while keeping them out of sight. Other cleaning materials and tools can store in a customised broom and mop cabinet when not in use so you can save your home looking neat with everything in its place. Custom-designed laundry cabinets will also add more value to your home whenever you plan on selling it.

When it comes to creating a functional and appealing room, at Cabinet Berwick, we believe in taking a fresh look at this space, which can transform into an attractive place where you can do your ironing or washing. We offer custom laundry renovation services to homes of any style. Our renovation ideas include under-bench cabinets that facilitate washing machines and dryers, tall broom cupboards, benches with overhead cupboards or recessed troughs. We do this in styles that will warm up a room while making it more functional.

We have an experienced designer who will meet with you at your home or work, whichever is most convenient for you and work with you on the design to meet your needs and compile all the needed information to design your dream laundry room.

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