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Cabinet Berwick is an experienced bathroom company that can create custom-designed bathrooms in Melbourne. Our staff will help you choose the best design, materials, colours and finishes for a beautiful and well-designed bathroom. We create the most breathtaking, custom-designed bathrooms in Melbourne. Well-designed baths make morning rush hours less stressful and a good place to relax after a hard day’s work. You can save thousands on bathroom renovation if you know which mistakes to avoid.

There are several things to consider when building a good bathroom. You need to think about how you will use the space, which area of the house the bathroom should be in, and what design, practically and aesthetically, you are in favour of doing.

The checklist below will help determine if your family bathroom or primary bedroom ensuite is enjoyable and functional.

things to consider with new bathroom

A bathroom lacking sufficient storage space can become cluttered and unappealing. A well-designed bathroom should have ample storage to store all your items and equipment, such as hair products, hair dryer, makeup and other personal supplies.

  • Use vanity drawers for accessible storage of toiletries and medicines instead of doors or other closets.
  • Cleaning supplies are in cabinet doors beneath sinks. It keeps them out of sight and ensures that all drawers remain accessible.
  • Open shelves with wicker baskets make a decorative statement and are a handy place to store your towels.
  • Make the most of off-floor storage wherever it is possible to do so.
  • When designing a small bathroom, consider using open cabinetry where plumbing is exposed and wall-mounted sinks to open up the space visually.
  •  A lighter colour palette can help make the room look wider; consider using neutral colours and natural materials such as stone for a classic look. 
  • If possible, have a mirror reflecting the longest wall; this can make it appear as though there is more space in the room. 
  • The toilet should not be the first thing you see when entering the bathroom; try placing it in an area that is neither directly in front of nor behind you.
  • Soggy damp towels can be stylish electric towel rails
  • To avoid cold floor tiles, have heating installed before you get the floors tiled
  • It is often more functional for small spaces to have a smaller primary bedroom with its ensuite bathroom. 
  • If your bathroom connects with another room—such as the kitchen or living room—it is best to avoid placing the toilet in a direct line of sight between these rooms.
  • Having a fan in your bathroom is essential if you do not have a window that opens onto the outside. 
  • The more you use the shower, the more likely you will need ventilation. 
  • If there is no window, you will need an exhaust fan. 
  • Should direct Ventilation fans open outside the house so that warm air does not recirculate throughout the home. 
  • Use a single switch for the light and ventilation fan by wiring them into one button; this is more cost-effective and convenient than using separate controls. 
  • Moisture-resistant materials, like granite, marble and solid hardwood, should be used for countertops rather than porous materials, like tile or stone veneer, which can expand or discolour over time as they absorb moisture from spills. 
  • Also, ensure that cabinets and vanities are sealed with waterproof glues and caulks to prevent rot.
  • You may want to consider using non-slip tiles and mats. 
  • You can apply the invisible non-slip coating to smooth ceramic and stone tiles.
  • Lighting is an integral part of personal grooming. 
  • You need a good light source if you plan to shave, wax, apply makeup, or style your hair, you need a good light source. 
  • A pot light in the ceiling over your mirror will provide ambient light. 
  • Alternatively, you can install task lights on either side of the mirror to give a brighter light that illuminates your face evenly and removes shadows. 
  • If you have a bathroom with features you want to show off—such as tile work or stone surfaces—add accent lights that highlight these features without being glaringly bright. 
  • If you have an outdoor skylight as part of your bathroom design, use one that directs natural light into the room without adding glare.

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